Omni-Lift Subsoiler

The Omni-Lift is a heavy duty ‘V’-Form subsoiler with many unique features and is one of the most advanced systems in its class. It is available with SOYL’s precision AutoDepth system and has Plowman CamLock legs as standard.


Plowman Omni-Lift Plowman Omni-Lift subsoiler Omni-Lift Cultivator

  • Available in 3 or 5 leg configurations and in a variety of widths
  • Comes with either shear bar or hydraulic auto reset leg protection to suit your soil type
  • Plowman CamLock leg system allows individual legs to be raised out of work, saving on fuel and wearing metal
  • Legs fitted with Tungsten Carbide wearing parts as standard; delivering exceptional wear performance with low draft and low surface disturbance

Plowman Omni-Lift cam lock leg Omni-Lift V-Form Subsoiler Omni-Lift cam lock leg fuel saving

  • SOYL’s variable depth cultivation system offers additional savings
  • Cultivation maps allow soil to be worked at optimum depth to suit differing soil types, even within the same field
  • Reduced wear and down time
  • Improved crop performance

Plowman Omni-Lift cultivation depth Omni-Lift fuel saving leg Omni-Lift Cultivation system

 Note in the video how the Omni-Lift’s design means that the good existing layer of tilth is not affected by subsoiling beneath, leaving a finish that is drill-ready.