Plowman Livestock Trailer Three Deck

Plowman Brothers’ 2/3 Deck Livestock trailers give flexibility of being able to do a deck of cattle and two decks of sheep whilst offering a significant weight saving on a 4 deck trailer.

2/3 Deck Trailers

2/3 Deck Trailers

2-3 Deck Trailers 2-3 Deck Livestock Trailer Plowman Bros 2-3 Deck Plowman Livestock Trailers for sale

Folding sheep decks with stainless steel latches and aluminium plank fly ramp for minimal head-room loss.

Plowman Livestock Trailer Pig ramp Plowman Livestock trailer 3 Deck Plowman Livestock trailer 2-3 Deck interior

Aluminium tread plate flooring with interlocking aluminium plank middle deck.

Plowman Livestock trailer 2-3 Deck Plowman Livestock Trailer tool locker 2/3 Deck Trailers

All options and features available across our range of livestock trailers – choice of wheel size, LED lighting throughout, tool lockers and sawdust racks, stainless steel fast action gate locks with hold back chains, high grade steel rear sub-frame, cross members and mainframe—fully hot dip galvanised.