Plowman Omni-Til Mounted

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Omni-Til Mounted

Plowman Omni-Til surface finish Plowman Omni-Til NG system legs Plowman Omni-Til min-till legs and discs

  • Award winning with proven elements refined to deliver customer specific requirement.
  • Fuel savings—Low draft design saves fuel and/or power requirement.
  • Tungsten faced wearing parts—maintain maximum performance throughout working life ( unlike ever decreasing conventional parts which become ineffective).
  • Choice of wing widths available to suit specific local conditions range from 150 mm-300 mm.

Plowman Omni-Til low draft cultivator  Plowman Omni-Til soil finish Plowman Omni-Til seeder mount

  • High grade special steels used throughout including 20mm Hardox legs.
  • 508mm concave scalloped discs mounted in pairs.
  • 508mm packer roller with large shouldered fin provide positive drive in all conditions.
  • Increased profit from improved crop performance.

Plowman Omni-Til Shear Bar Plowman Omni-Til cultivator packer roller Plowman Omni-Til agricultural machinery