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Omni-Til Trailed

Plowman Omni-Til trailed Semi-mounted Omni-Til trailed Trailed soil cultivation system

The complete Omni-Til Trailed system creates outstanding soil structure by working “surface tilth” and “at depth” soil zones individually with little or no mixing.

Omni-Til trailed soil loosening system  Plowman Megtatil Trailed Cultivator Omni-Til TC True Cover

Assisting trash flow and reducing surface burst, leading straight discs have been positioned directly in front of each leg; the disc is mounted using proven suspension technology for protection against stone impact and also has the ability to swivel which eliminates lateral disc load.

Tractor pulled cultivator Plowman Semi-mounted cultivator Omni-Til cultivator trailed

The low draft design also offers significant benefit in saving fuel and/or reduced power requirement.