Plowman Bros Livestock Transport

Plowman Brothers have full European Whole Vehicle Type Approval for our livestock trailers so we can produce trailers of up to 4m for sale anywhere in the EU (4.95m for UK and Republic of Ireland)

Livestock Transport

With full European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, our livestock trailers are built to a standard that is accepted across the whole of the EU. We are also experienced in preparing trailers that meet export requirements for livestock transport which require an extra level of welfare features such as temperature and satellite tracking as well as fans and drinkers. Whilst designed primarily for sheep, cattle and pigs; we can also adapt our trailers for more unusual transportation requirements.

We are currently looking for partners who can promote the Plowman brand across Europe in particular, although we are happy to look beyond as well. If you think you can develop Plowman livestock trailers and livestock containers then please get in touch with us on +44 (0)1904 768 230 or email