Plowman 2 Deck Rigid

Plowman 2 deck livestock containers

Ideal for a single deck of cattle or 2 decks of sheep. Available from 16′ to 45′, to suit platform body, artic or drawbar trailer

2 Deck Containers

    Plowman 2 Deck Rigid Livestock Float

10′ Hydraulic ‘fly-to-roof’ ramp in rear section with rear half gates. Folding aluminium decks and deck bars in front sections

Plowman 2 Deck Rigid Box    

Available in pressed aluminium panels or aluminium planking


Aluminium sheep gates with stainless steel slam locks, Galvanised steel ‘H frame’ cattle gates with slam locks, Flaps to lower vents close for cattle, Internal LED lighting, front and rear LED marker lights, LED loading lights, 24V hydraulic power-pack, Options for hydraulic rear door, load-through rear door, moving gates, waste tank, building direct to chassis, hydraulic fly decks