Plowman Bros Single Deck

Plowman single deck aluminium livestock containers. These are usually built to suit rigid platform bodies, but can also be used for artic or drag trailer, or build directly to chassis.

Single Deck Containers

Single Deck Containers

 Plowman Single Deck on trailer Single Deck Livestock Box

Can be built to suit your specific requirements in terms of width, height and length – available from 16′ to 45′ long. Also available in 2-3-4-5 sections as required.

Plowman Cattle Box Plowman Bros Single Deck Container Single Deck Plowman Bros Float

Standard specification features front and rear marker lamps, rear loading lamp and internal LED lights.

Plowman Brothers Single Deck      Plowman Single Deck Cattle box      Single Deck Plowman Box

Options include groom’s door for easy access, jack-leg stand kits, load through rear door, lift off brackets, tool lockers and waste tank.